8 Healthy Food Menu To Lose Weight

8 Healthy Food Menu To Lose Weight

8 Healthy Food Menu To Lose Weight

The first menu consists of two hard-boiled eggs and boiled broccoli (one small bowl). You can also process eggs into vegetable omelets or mushroom omelets. How to make vegetable omelets or mushroom omelets is very easy. Shake two eggs manually then add the vegetables or mushrooms that have been thinly sliced ​​and stir again until blended. Add enough salt and stir again. Heat the Teflon and give one teaspoon of cooking oil. After the oil is hot, pour the mixed egg mixture with the vegetable/mushroom on the Teflon which contains a little hot oil. Cook the omelet until both sides of the omelet are cooked.

  1. Oatmeal / Wheat Bread / Green Bean Porridge

Oatmeal, whole wheat bread, or green bean porridge are three proper and healthy breakfast menus for those of you who are on a diet program. Oatmeal and whole wheat bread are rich in complex carbohydrates which are very good for those on a diet. Likewise, green bean porridge is rich in protein and fiber, so it will make your stomach full but does not worsen your weight. Try it …

  1. Low-fat cereals and milk

A glass of low-fat milk and cereal is a reference for the next breakfast menu especially for those on a diet. It will taste better if you consume a mixture of cereal and low-fat milk while warm. Besides being practical, this breakfast menu is also very healthy. What are you waiting for? Prepare cereal and milk in your refrigerator, these foods can also help you when you are hungry at night. It is recommended 1 hour before bed to stop snacking.

  1. Red Rice and Sauteed Vegetables

You really want to eat rice, but are you on a diet? Who said that you who are on a diet should not consume rice. You may consume rice, only the rice you consume is not ordinary rice, but brown rice which is rich in complex carbohydrate content. Complete one of your red rice bowls with sauteed fresh vegetables. Ummm … Yummy !!!

5. Processed Soybeans Soybeans or other types of beans are very good for those of you who are running a healthy diet program. Quite a lot of processed foods that you can treat into various types of delicious food.Just say one of them is know. You can make tofu as the main ingredient of soup. You can add fresh vegetables and mushrooms to your tofu soup to make it taste more delicious. In addition to tofu, other processed soybeans that are equally delicious to serve as a breakfast menu are tempeh and sugarless soy milk.

  1. Boiled Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs

Reference to other breakfast menus that you must try is boiled potatoes with scrambled egg toppings. This one breakfast menu is really practical and easy to make. Simply prepare two potatoes that have been washed and boiled until cooked.

For scrambled eggs, just prepare one egg and fry it on a pan that has been given a 

little vegetable oil. Scrambled eggs are being fried using a special spatula for cooking. Serve warmly.

  1. Fruit and Vegetable Salad

Are you a vegetable and fruit lover? Apart from being processed as a juice drink, other preparations made from vegetables and fruit are fresh salads with fresh mayonnaise sauce. You may use various types of vegetables and fruit as the main ingredients of salads. Just say cabbage, lettuce, apples, avocados, grapes, and bananas. Cut all the ingredients over and pour the mayonnaise sauce on top. Don’t forget to sprinkle the sesame seeds or chop the almonds and olive oil on top. This breakfast menu will definitely make your body feel fresher and healthier.

  1. Pancakes, Yogurt, and Low-Fat Milk

You may also consume sweet foods or drinks, it’s just not too often. One type of sweet food that is recommended for consumption by those of you who are on a healthy diet is pancakes with moderate to even sugar content. Complete your pancake offer with yogurt or low-fat milk. You can also add it again with pieces of fruit such as apples, bananas, strawberries, and other fruits. If it seems your pancakes are less sweet, add a little honey on top.

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