What are carbohydrates and the way to use them in your diet?

What are carbohydrates and the way to use them in your diet?

Most people consider high carbohydrate foods to be the important enemy of their weight. Nutritionists say that the quantity of carbohydrates isn’t necessary, but the speed of their absorption by the body.

Scientists have divided carbohydrate foods into 3 groups.
– Rapid absorption: carrots, honey, light bread .
– Average absorption rate: sugar, potatoes, bananas, rice, peas, pasta, oranges.
Low absorption rate: Green, apricot, yogurt vegetables

The last group of products are the simplest ally to realize slim figure and reduce .

Our weight depends on what percentage calories we consume every day , so we will also convert grams of carbohydrates into calories. additionally , it’ll help us determine the share of total calories in each meal from the carbohydrate content.

We can convert grams into calories using the subsequent formula.
Step 1: Identify the entire number of calories within the product. Carbohydrates are often weakened into fiber, sugar and sugar alcohol labels. to work out what percentage grams of carbohydrates a product contains, we’d like to require the entire amount.
Step 2: Multiply the entire weight of the carbohydrate by 4, because the carbohydrate has 4 calories per gram. for instance , food contains 21 grams of carbohydrates, 84 calories. If our goal is just to work out the quantity of calories from carbohydrates, this is often the last necessary step within the process.
Step 3: Divide the label calories by the entire calories. This action will end in

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